Saturday, May 31, 2008

Food Fight and some old sketch pages

Food fighting has never looked so gory. Mickey Ds pitched in with White Castle patriots with a little help from Sushidom, Kebab launchers, nugget missiles, pretzel machine guns....the works!
Great job on the timing, story,scene editing and overall execution of the project which makes for an enjoyable view. However, my poor stomach is constantly crying out to the sheer ferocity it was made to see without even having a single sampling of the battalion before it's ultimate demise. One of the best animation with food props I've seen in awhile.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Elephant Shrew

Found loads of new goodie clips to share if any of you haven't seen it yet. Will update them here sporadically to keep this blog alive.
Die Maus ├╝ber arm und reich

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happenings and McCay's Little Nemo

I've never been so pleased with my little investment of capsule paintbrushes which enabled me to put colors in my sketches whenever I have the time,anywhere.
Not too long ago, I had to attend another wedding photography session to shoot both my pals, Daniel and Joanne, for their wedding ceremony in KL. This was towards the end of the day when we were already at the parking lot. Me with the camera and photography team and the happy couple.
About a week or so ago, Ed convinced me to go along and check out the One Academy exhibition held at MidValley KL while I was on leave that Friday. There was also an Education Fair coinciding hand in hand beside the exhibition. But I can gather from the crowd which of the events held the more appeal. One Academy definitely did have a whole lot of appeal. The amount of new creative talent out there is amazing and I was floored with our fellow MnU groupie,Gray, when we both saw his team effort cg animation short works on screen. Go Gray! He is turning out to be an A+ animation designer/artist!

We couldn't resist the temptation to go back through time to the ol' classroom scenario. They had provided easels for the public to try their hand at drawing the model. We grasp at the opportunity though were discovered later by the staff at hand. They were kind enough to just let me and Ed have our fun while we were there. If you're reading this 1Ac guys,thank you! We had so much fun back on the board. Boy! I'm so rusty at drawing while standing now. And here I am complaining that my bum has been widening by leaps and bounds due to sitting down on my toosh day in,day out.

And something I found that I didn't think YouTube would have,but THEY DID! Go YouTube! I was actually perusing through my Japanese Animation book the day before and came across the pre-production artworks for this lil number and thought that may be I can find 'em online. And was rewarded. Enjoy folks! Jason,if you're reading this,I know you'll be blasted back to your childhood days.



Part 1 - Just a lil sample for your potation.

And don't forget to watch the making of here...

I could hardly believe that Frank and Ollie had their hand as story consultants in the film as well as other notable artists such as Jean 'Moebius' Giraud on story and Concept Designs, songs by the Sherman brothers and sung by the fabulous Melissa Manchester, Brian Froud on Design Development, John Canemaker on Visual Image Development and story sketch contribution from Ken Anderson ? (not too sure if its THE Ken A from Disney. Anyone with any thoughts on this one?). These are a few notables I was able to identify,but the entire crew that had worked on this are nothing short of spectacular talents. I wondered how this film got away from me,but I did recall a cartoon about a little boy with his pet Icarus when I was a kid. Guess I should've known better. Here's to making up for loss time.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Old Stuff

Sorry for the lack of art posts lately,folks. Here are some old stuff from my library I figured I might as well plunk in here.