Saturday, May 31, 2008

Food Fight and some old sketch pages

Food fighting has never looked so gory. Mickey Ds pitched in with White Castle patriots with a little help from Sushidom, Kebab launchers, nugget missiles, pretzel machine guns....the works!
Great job on the timing, story,scene editing and overall execution of the project which makes for an enjoyable view. However, my poor stomach is constantly crying out to the sheer ferocity it was made to see without even having a single sampling of the battalion before it's ultimate demise. One of the best animation with food props I've seen in awhile.


taoussi said...

Nice blog Sandra

Matt said...

That last sketch page is perfect!!! Sad lil' bunny, surprised horse, enraged's all super rad.

Alina Chau said...

These pages are awesome!!

Sandra Khoo said...

Taoussi : Hey,thanks very much,Hicham!

Matt : Hehehe,glad you like it,Matt. Guess that's what my mind must've been filled with at that point of time.

Alina : Yay,thanks very much,Al! *hugs* How's tricks?