Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Happy Holidays,Folks!

Sorry I haven't been able to update anything in my blog as of late,folks! Work was really really piling up not only at the office,but also at home for my group's artbook, commissions and freelance jobs etc. So here's a quick round up of what's been going on in my life. The gang at the office threw a lil' birthday party for Mel. Even my Spongie was in attendance! ^^ (on the table)
My lil niece,Dinah,is really growing up to be a very pretty lass. ^^ Peekaboo!Had a couple of awesome games of paintball not too long ago. Really worn me out eventually as the day drew to evening and there was a slight drizzle alter towards the fourth game I played. I should've known better than to play when my body was really really stressed and over exerted,but what the hey! It's paintball! Got hit a couple of times,but thank goodness there's no sign of bruising anywhere.
And I paid a very high price for it for the next couple of days with a slight fever and heavy nose leak. X( But thankfully the bug finally left and have fully recovered and am back in the game!

Also had to take my poor BimBim cat to the vet last Saturday (at top) coz she had a tooth problem. I didn't know it was her tooth that was giving her probs otherwise I would've taken her to the vet much much earlier and didn't have to scour all over PJ for an opened clinic. That day was Deepavali holiday and practically all the shops are closed save for a few restaurants and general stores. Well, it was a good thing we (me and Hoos. Thanx for bringing us there Hoos!)ended up at the emergency pet clinic at Subang,otherwise we wouldn't have met this lovely cat that was up for free adoption from the clinic. It was rescued from an accident that left it a bit slow in movement, but otherwise,an altogether lovely cat. If anyone's interested,please do let me know or u can contact the Healing Rooms veterinary clinic at 603-56376166 in Subang Jaya. The vet may not be able to keep it for much longer and may have to put it to sleep eventually. So please do help spread the word if you could,folks!
With that lil hiccup on the side, managed to get some work done eventaully. Commissioned works done in the wee hours of the morning.

Aaaahhhh, a great discovery indeed here in PJ. A couple of classic NY bagles for breakfast last Sunday.
Anyways, in light of this festive season over here in Malaysia, I've taken a whole weeks off from work to get away, relax and finish off most of my neglected work,responsibilities etc. But most importantly, to gain more inspirations during my travels and hours of goofing off (ok,not goofing off,but close enough!). WOO! Have a great week ahead,everyone! Cheers!