Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Books Glorious Books!!!

WOOHOOOO!!! It's arrived!!! I am so stoked! Thank you so very much to Tom Bancroft and everyone at Focal Press for this generous gift of Tom's autographed Character Mentor Book and the gift cert to purchase Focal's animation books online! But the neatest surprise inside was in store when I found out there he had several very notable and extremely talented character designers contributing to his book,among them Sean Galloway & Stephen Silver (both whom am honored to've finally met during the 2010 SDCC.
I am sooo happy!!!

THE LOST ART OF HEINRICH KLEY, Vols. 1 & 2 from Joseph Procopio on Vimeo.

Also,another overdue update! Am a huge fan of Heinrich Kley. Am when I found out at the Brew that he has not 1 but 2! Lost Art of Heinrich Kley books coming out, I really really need to get them in my book bucket list! Aiieee!!! Been doing a lot of book purchasing online lately. Caved in to a Nat Geo hard cover book on Wildlife Migration and I've finally decided on a Stop Mo book by Barry Purves & Walt Stancfield's Drawn to Life vol.2 thanks to Focal Press. I can hardly wait for them to arrive!!!