Thursday, June 29, 2006

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

What I saw this morning....

on my way to work. A fat cat staring contently at 2 'kampung' chickens on a grassy slope at an industrial area. The 2 chickens didn't seem to mind the least that the cat was in such a close proximity while they were pecking away.
Roughs sketches on those fancy writing papers the hotel provides you. I took a bunch home along with a handful of pencils during one conference hosted by the company I work for. XP

Friday, June 23, 2006

I Heart YouTube

Wowiiee! I had no idea YouTube was so well stocked! Imagine the goodies I found wheh I typed either Silly Symphonies and Merry Melodies in? Silly Symphonies was quite limited but I aim to find more burried treasure. Hehehe,the Brewmeisters found a lot already from the looks of things. Check out their site if u miss any goodies out there... They found The Monk and the Fish and Dixieland Droopy,2 shows I was dying to watch but couldn't get my hands on. Thank you,Cartoon Brew! I grew up with Dixieland Droopy but regretfully almost all my old vids didn't survive the passage of time. So good to be trotting back thru' memory lane.
Among some of the goodies in Silly Symphonies is Egyptian Melodies 1931,to my mind,must be the first attempt at virtual reality or something(Lemme know if I'm wrong),and below,The Skeleton Dance and The Ugly Duckling which I didn't check out coz I must've seen like hundreds of time already when I was growing up.

I had more finds in the Merry Melodies section with,Ooooo,first things first,my favorite,Fedd the Kitty,Fresh Hare 1942,Injun Trouble starring Cool Cat 1969(last real WB animation?),Jungle Jitter (sensored for being politically incorrect), All this and Rabbit Stew,Hare-um-Scare-um 1939, Daffy Doc 1938,Falling Hare,Cheese Chasers,Hyde and go Tweet and lots more. Check out the 2 images from Feed the Kitty....good ol YouTube is a jackpot for animation references,inspirations,memories etc. all jammed up in their site. I highly recommend a whole days,weeks,months perusing their gold tuckshop. No regrets! ;)

Monday, June 19, 2006

MnU animatics

For those of you not in the and a group of friends have formed MnU aka Mars and Uranus to share our creativity from art,books/comics and even animation with the mass. This year marks our first venture into animation with the the introduction of our characters in an animation short for this year's up n coming Comic Fiesta in December. We've just completed the animatics and hope you guys will enjoy viewing what we have so far.
You can either view it in our site at
or just hop on to YouTube...

Every little support we get is highly appreciated and helps to boost us to better ourselves n the works we churn out. Thanx!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Yes, I'm very very shameless...

YEEEE!I feel like a proud Mamma...Saladin made an unexpected appearance (for my case anyways) in front of our paper's InTech section last last Tuesday. I thought I was busted for coming in late to office that day when all my colleagues heads turned to my direction when I entered the door...thankfully it proved to be a diff case. Whew! Gotta catch the morning papers in the future. WOO! Saladin is looking up what with our new website up n running ( and with it's recent win for Best Tech at SICAF for the SPP category last month. Hope the good streaks will continue till the end of production and distribution of the products. *_*

Also, my group MnU's lil animation is finally going again with last night's meeting to finally nail the score in preparations for the coming animation slog soon. We've completed the storyboards,with model sheets,mood boards/color keys,animatics etc. still to finish. *.*Gaaaaa....
View our group's progress here if you're too lazy to go thru my links on the right side of the screen. XD


That's all for now,folks!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Now for some art...

Here's a watercolored piece I did not too long ago...pity I used a flimsy paper to color on,oh well...And below is me playing around with my new Intous 3 I won last year during the Comic Fiesta. Some doodles.....

More FEIs

Great! My blogger got to working again,so here's some of the pics I meant to upload earlier. ^__^