Thursday, June 29, 2006

Doll in Summer


Alina Chau said...

Lovely lovely drawing!! V summery indeed!

REE said...

Those are some purrrrrrdeee lines Miss Sandraw.


Howard Shum said...

Cool drawing!

gantry said...

Wonderful work,really!
You have beautiful cats and horses, down there.
Nice to see you!

R.A. MacNeil said...

Sweet drawing. I like the way you handled her hair.


Justin Rodrigues said...

man you have some beautiful stuff on here. great work.

Adrian Ropp said...

What a wonderful blog! You're stuff is incredible. Thanks for the inspiration!

Patrick Costa said...

Great drawing!!!

Sandra Khoo said...

Alina : Hehehehe,first time I'm reading someone describing my work like that! Thanx Al! *hugz*

Ree : Awwww shucks!Thank ye,Ree! :D

Howard : Heheheh,thanxxxxx Howie!

Gantry : And nice to see you too,Gan! Thank you very much!

R.A. : WOO! Thanx very much,Ryan! Think I've sorta settled for that type of hair style for most of my girl drawings now.

Justin R. : Wow! Thanx Justin!^^

Adrian R. : Whooaaa,I'm an inspiration to someone? O.o Hahaha,so glad to be of help to anyone in anyway. ^^ Thanx very much for saying so,Adrian.

Patrick C. : And thank YOU,Patrick! :D


sweet. diggin the flowing hair.

Alan said...

Nice work. I love the clean line and color on it especially.