Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Walt Disney's Water Babies

Thanks to YouTube, I can finally see this classic for the first time ever.


blauereiter said...

Hello Sandra, came by your blog from Enrico's. Your illustrations are great ! Did you work on Saladin too ?

Sandra Khoo said...

Oh yeap, I'm the Lead Character Designer onnit. Wheredja find out about the Saladin project?

blauereiter said...

Wow ! When will it be released ?

I read about it in a Singapore CG forum. :]

Sandra Khoo said...

Hopefully in a year's time? We're still working onnit.

Aaaahhhh,I see. Were you there for the Singapore CG event itself? Your works are absolutely fabulous btw. Got me jaws dropping. Fantastic!

blauereiter said...

Thank you. :]

I wish I could have attended CGoverdrive but work was too busy back here in Tokyo.

I've just added your link on my blog. Be visiting soon !

Waiting to watch Saladin ! :]