Sunday, September 18, 2005

Good ol' British comics

*sigh* Those were the good ol' big brother and sister would reminise of their childhood days when they'ds wake up bright and early each morning to catch the morning paper which would contain the daily Beano or Dandy comic strips in a seperate copy by itself in small thin booklet forms. They'd both fight over who gets to read it first...then down the line I would appreciate their efforts in saving every scrap of those comics so I could enjoy them when I finally learnt to read and write. Dandy,Beano,Beezer, name it...I love 'em all!
Sadly I dunno any place that sells reprints of them around here, if anyone can help me locate those ol' goodies I'd really appreciate it.

Also what got me to start up this topic is because I've always been curious as to who are the real talents behind these comics as there's hardly been any mention of them except that they do make appearances now and then in the comics themselves. Does anyone have any feedback or information at all with regards to this? *.* Man, I think these guys have eluded recognition far enough and deserve the proper credits they deserve. No one produces comics like they do anymore, so this is my contribution to them, to thank them for bringing hours of giggles and smiles to my childhood days.


Tennessee Reid said...

Hey Sandra,

Love your artwork!!

You are increadibly talented.

Your love of food should take you to my pal David Ichioka's website on San Francisco eats:

Thanks for the link and interest in our BLOG!

Keep up the sketching - we wanna see more!

hteekay said...

U angmoh u~~~~ XD

Alina Chau said...

Cool new posting!! :)

Virginia Valle said...

and agree with Alina cool posting!!! :DDD

Adam said...

i used to read them every week

Beano and Whizzer and Chips ,Cor!,
Buster... i loved em !!

and i used to get the annual every xmas.. and i would sit and read it all day..

great memories...glad to see em again !!

Gulzar said...

I totally agree with you…I have grown up with them too :)
Thanks to my father who used to get them for me…
I went to a British school here…back home! N I was always encouraged to read comics by them…
Yea they too should be given true tribute…I hope someone does that someday…amen!
Your works truly shows a lot of talent…keep it up girl.