Thursday, September 29, 2005

Let's talk about payments >.<...

Oooo....have been hit by a slacking period in my sketch department. Since my last upload,my productivity is basically centred on 2 things: One, drawing works for my company's projects (all P n C so makes it all the more unbearable not being able to upload any of the drawings till long after)....Two, focusing on producing my group's book,comics and posters for the upcoming Comic Fiesta here in KL (also P n C till looonnggg after the event is over *doh!*) . Can't upload anything! *sob sob* So anyways, I scrambled thru' my old stuff again and found something to put into my blog, and also took time out during lunch hour to sketch something up to add along with it. *sigh* Well,here it is folks!

Recently I had one student from an art school (which I will not disclose), asked me a question about his/her fears of getting involved in projects that does not clarify the matter of payments due to the artist once he/she is done with the project. Being a student, he/she was adviced not to be so money-minded from the beginning when given the opportunity to work on any project,therefore was told that it is not wise to bring up the subject of payments before venturing into the project. Well, I say it doesn't hurt to enquire at the very start just to know where you stand. I've had many bitter experiences of being diddled by so-called clients locally or abroad that takes this sort of matter really lightly. Don't be naive enough to presume that the client will get back to you on payments if you don't bring up the matter,worse yet, never mention about payments at all at the very start during the discussions. Always agree on the fixed amount of due payments with your client before venturing into any project. Otherwise you'll end up working long hours till morning on a project that you thought your client will be grateful for,and will definitely promptly pay you when the deed is done. Extremely rare here,especially in Malaysia. Hard to find an honest pay master who's only aim is to cut expenses as much as possible. Yea yea, I'mma crabby ol' Grump (bear in mind it's you perpetrators who've made me turned to the dark side. You know who you are.) Anyways in this case, if you're a student, getting involved in various projects really helps to boost your background knowledge,giving you good working exposure etc. though the pay may be low at first. If payment is not in the cards,then at least you know from the beginning when you're enquiring and agreed to do it nontheless. Better than waiting till the end of the project and get slapped in the face,right? >.O


Alina Chau said...

Great drawings!! COOL character designs!
Good advise on the payment too!!

Garrett Shikuma said...

Hey Sandra, this is some great stuff!

Yeah its always wise, student or not, to be able to talk about payment. We all have to eat, its in everyone's interest to be upfront about payment when money is involved in a project. Good advice!

Can't wait to see more sketches...

El Snoozo said...

When your art is your job, it is no longer a hobby, but buisness. Talking payments and money is part of any buisness, before you get work done on your home, you have to talk $$$$.

It's best to do it up front, once a client likes your portfolio, and wants your talent for the job, it will save on streee later on..Plus who knows, you may be too expensive for the guy, and at least they know that upfront, instead of a bill at the end.

But that's just my $0.02...See I'm letting the price be known!

Great drawings!

hteekay said...

Always ask for the pay unless you don't expect anything in return..

As a wise one did say. "Too embarassed to ask for direction,and you'll end up getting lost." O_O

Zeke said...

just dropping a hel n lo ^_^ before I take on any project I always give the client an estimate of my fees. Never proceed with a project until you have clearly written in black n white about your fees and terms of payment. Once the client has confirmed and signed that statement, then u start. Its not a matter of whether ur a student or working full-time, if u meet such ppl, they r only out 2 lower ur value. Business is business... if u dont get paid, u dont eat.

Tennessee Reid said...

Damn are really good!

Love your sketches!!

Insitefull payment advise ... there are ALOT of producers who make their bonus by bringing in an artist under cost.

My two cents is to know your minimum and maximum day rate - then use a sliding scale based on the overall cost of the job (guess if you have to based on the company or individuals past track record). But never undervalue yourself.

Sandra Khoo said...

Alina :
Yeaaaa girl! Thanx so much for always never failing to comment on my blog,really appreciate it!;) I see you're circulating as much as me! hehehehe...Go girl,GO!

Thanx man!Will try to upload more as soon as I can ;) I've been taken for a ride so many times,it hurts. >.< You're looking at a well-seasoned sucker.

You've got that right bro!Thanx so much for commenting here and real great to meetcha! I'll definitely add ya to my watch! ;)

Yuppers!We all seasoned already to know what to do now. And by the way,I've visited your blog,happy?

YEA! We all gotta eat,man! Don't take no nonsense when it deals with your next meal!

Eeee,thanx so much for saying so,pal! ;)Ohhhh,I undervalue myself
a lot but mostly becoz I'm doing favors and not business. The industry here really needs a big boost to get itself outta the rut. The young inexperienced students don't stand a chance out there in the dog eat dog world. >.<

Kactiguy said...

Hey Sandra, I agree with what has been said. However, as a young artist just starting out, it dosn't hurt to be flexible. I'm not saying don't get paid just be willing to take a lower pay. Build up a strong portfollio and good client relations and the money will follow.

Great stuff you've got here. I posted a link to the banner thing on my blog in reply to your question. Good luck.

hteekay said...

heh.. i din't even ask you to recently as I remember...
Stop thinking like you're important to me.. hahaha!

Gene Fowler said...

wow lady, you can draw!

Pusha V said...

Nice sketches.
Too bad there is not a larger image :(
I will be back to check on your blog. I am a fan now!

Virginia Valle said...

Oh Sandra my apologies I dindt check this post :).. the past week was a busy week!!! .. Ohh thanks for advise!! yes,sometimes we find that kind the problemss and you never undervalue yourself.. each artist is very special :)....

You need to teach to your brother to draw:D... he can help to you :DDDDDDDD

Santi said...

Nice characters. Keep you work up and don´t worry about problems :) be happy :D and create a lot of draws nowwwwwwwwww :)

Anne-arky said...

Hells yeah...there are so many people out there who will take advantage of an artist who is young or inexperienced. Money = good!

Also, your drawings are nifty :) Great work!