Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Meeting with the Duke - Nov 29th '07

Old but I didn't realise I've forgotten to upload this till today. Meeting with Duke Mighten and Leon Tan over a lovely dinner at Chillies one fine evening. Advice...always good to have your sketchbook handy not only to scribble down ideas and inspirations but it's also a good ice-breaker cum portfolio and you get to have fantastic talents like the Duke doodling inside a collection for you.
Thank you so much,Duke!

Admiring circle...some of the MnU team checking out Duke's portfolio with Leon looking on.
Left to right : Ed,Ayon,Jase,Hoos,Duke,Leon and Gray.
WooHOO! And Duke's site at

Cheers all!


Anonymous said...

hello .. nice to meet u . cant make it tis year to support ur MnU in comic fiesta. sorry .. love ur stuff !

Sandra Khoo said...

Heyas Fatal, Thanx very much for the support eventho' u couldn't make it. Very much appreciated nontheless. Nice to meetcha too!