Monday, March 12, 2007

Indian Superman and Spiderwoman

O.O My entire vision of Superman and Spiderwoman will never be the same again. Watch if you dare. But I caution you...while watching this you'll either experience uncontrollable laughing spasms till your internal guts cave in and explode all over...or you'll just choke to death with whatever you're eating.

Enjoy folks! And thanx to Iman and Zeke for giving me these links.


Ed said...

Spiderwoman is definitely a hottie! haha... If you like this, you will probably like this Terminator Parody.

Keep the cool stuff flowing Sandy! :)

Demian Johnston said...

ha ha ha! very good.

Christine Lim Simpson said...

LOL! I am glad to visit your blog on a gloomy wet morning! The video brightens the day! Cheers!