Thursday, March 29, 2007


WOO! Am back folks! Am pumped and ready to get back to work. The trip has truly been very inpiring and humbling at the same time. If I can sum up one thing about that the people are truly beautiful in every way. Absolutely took my breath away. The people,the places,...everything!

I will go through my trip here in series with photos included as well as posting in my sketch journal of the entire trip I've done throughout my stay there. Also, to all you local Malaysians out there, do pick up a copy of the Utusan Malaysia from your newstand. Front page,baby!!! WOOHOO!
Be right back,folks! Wait for it! ;)

Pic of yesterday's farewell party for Jenn Yu (standing 3rd from left) who's been our background and concept artist on the Saladin project. We will miss you very much,Jenn Yu!

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