Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Back in the game


Anonymous said...

Great Sketches once again Sandora! Great to see you updating again. Hope all is well too! :) I simply adore your variety of drawing subjects a lot. And your studies in poses and expression are so neat.

I rather like your sketches of Jokers too! You do seem to enjoy drawing him alot, and you really get his personality right on target in your sketches of him! I was recently looking at some Brian Bolland's art with Joker as well and somehow I find it funny that I keep seeing Jokers these days. ^^;

Thanks for sharing once again! :)


Xavier said...

from in Girona (near Barcelona)
my name is Xavier, i design & illustrator.

congratulations for your work!

i like!!!

Xavier · giland.cat

my weblog: http://ilovevector.blogspot.com

Tennessee Reid said...


As always I am humbled by the quality and variety of your work Sandra!!

YOU ROCK !!!!!

Richard Oud said...

You are awesome, keep up the nice work.. I love you're dogs and jokers!

Alina Chau said...

How are you doing? Great to see your new drawings!! Awesome works as always!! Can't wait for more.


Alina :)

cal@ss said...

welcome back with the sketches.
though its pretty weird to see your artwork with disney influence in them (not to say that you are not good, just weird. lol.)
i am more used to manga styled artworks.
have a nice day.

Cedric said...

Great stuff!!! Glad to have you back.

Howard Shum said...

Nice looking sketches!

Cale Atkinson said...

Great collection of sketches Sandra! Really strong stuff! I can't wait to see some more! That collage is too much fun to look at!

martin wittig said...

Very Nice!!!:)

Sandra Khoo said...

Hampsty : HEhehehe,Joker is our game,Hammie! A lil' insiders scret behind my fascination of Joker to be revealed shortly...but then,think its not much of a secret from those who really know me. Thanx for keeping track of my progress Hammie! ;)

Xavier : Hey hey,thanx very much Xavier and great to meetcha!I really love the sand art u did in one of your posts! It's fantastic! Hope you'll do some more of 'em. ;)

Tennessee : No no,YOU and your bunch of talented artists rawk big time,old man! XD ;)

Richard Oud : Haha,thanx Richard! Can't wait to see more of your stuff online. ;)

Alina : Erm,not too good,the past few days I overworked and now it's showing signs of kaputting up on me. :( Could've been worse. How r u doing? I really gotta pay ur site more visits...>.< Thanx for the love!

Cal@ss: Heeeehh! Why do I get the feeling that I'm the only Western-influenced artist here in Malaysia? Everyone else is definitely going Jap mode around here.

Cedric : Eeee,thanx Cedric! It's great to be back,and talking to all of u again. Do more piggie arts,yea yea! :)

Howard Shum : Yay! Thanx Howie! ^^ I see you've been bus with your camera too! Great pics there! ^____^

Cale Atkinson : And to think I wanted to quit this line to become a doctor or a chef instead. Thanx very much for the warm words,Cale!I really appreciate everyone's support and feedback whenever they can be spared. I love your take on Hansel and Gretel. That style keep me wanting to come back for more. Keep those babies coming! ;)

Martin Wittig : Yipes! It's nothing compared to what you've posted in yours,Martin! O.O I wanna be as good as you! Thanx very much! WOOOOO!!!

Christine Lim Simpson said...

Cool stuff, as always.

Stephen Studios said...

These are GREAT sketches!! Great work!



your sketches are always a pleasure. gotta get back into the game myself.