Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My Little Black Book

Welcome and have a lil peek inside my little black sketch book I carry around with me. I sketch whenever I can.
These animal sketches were done one day when our company had a talk held at the KLCC Aquaria. We were given the privilege of a full day's free pass,so I took advantage of it naturally. ^^ So far,the best nature exhibit I've been to or seen here in M'sia. Definitely worth a second trip next round.


Goro said...

wooo lovely sketches!
love the first page!

Howard Shum said...

Cool sketchbook!

Sam said...

cool sketches !

Sandra Khoo said...

Goro : Hehe,thanx Goro! Glad u like 'em!^^

Howard S : Thanx Howie! ^___^

Sam : Yay,thanx Sam!

Sandra Khoo said...
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