Friday, December 12, 2008

Aachi and Ssipak

Many thanks to Park Min,Leon and Joe for introducing and mentioning it to us Saladinians last Wednesday night.
Park Min having a go at my new sketchbook. With much regret, I've carelessly lost my old sketchbook journal while on a bus ride back from the airport to our bus terminal in KL. I am still holding on to the hope that one fine day the book will be returned to me in pristine condition otherwise complete. Joe looks on.
Leon and Park. Check out his awesome stuff here at his blog...
Joe (we dubbed him Joey for the night to avoid confusion) and Mel checking out sensei Junning's deft and killer strokes while testing my brushes and watercolors in my sketch journal.


Faizal said...

haha..that was the coolest.. its true what my animation lecturer said.. its not what is animated, but how its animated!! :D case in point --> aachi and ssipak.. the characters may be weirdly out of proportion, but the animation was awesome.. no.. it was.. AWESOMESAUCE!! XD (yes.. i be lame :D)

Anime Art said...

It looks ok but now animations look too focused on CGI effects rather than drawn anime (i.e. its easy to spot where CGI is used), is a shame really.