Monday, October 10, 2005

Whats the Scoop on Jom and Paul Robinson/David Rand

Heyas everyone! Eeee, how time flies and I hardly justify meeting everyones needs for new updates and fresf artworks to oggle at. So let's not dilly dally it is folks! First and Foremost....
I'd like to congratulate Hadibi for getting his artwork published on the front cover of 'Jom' this month. F.Y.I. Jom is a new comic mag among many others here in Malaysia. To my eyes, it's contents are getting better and better, even the quality and style of the artworks innit are slowly but surely have been climbing steadily. Well,it's still new, so we'll have to see how it fares next year. Here's an image view of Hadibi's front cover work.

Oh YEAAAA!!! A week or 2 ago, I was informed of some art books or comic books of sorts that would be handed to me by my buddy and ex-colleague,Aliow. Little did I know that last Saturday, when we finally get to meet up over chow and more chow....that he is handing over to me these OH MY HONEST TO GOODNESS goodie bag full of old copies of Paul Robinson and David Rand books. And all still in mint condition!!! WAAAA!!!!My friend must've known my popped eyed expression, and guess, was real pleased I'm taking over ownership of these babies. Turns out, he has a friend who frequents Penang Island in search of good old second hand books there and if he should stumble on some good ones, he'd hand them over to Aliow. And since Aliow didn't want to keep 'em anymore,well then, just hand 'em over to me,babe! WWWOOOHOOO!!! I know these books are exceptionally hard to come by nowadays unless some of you guys out there can fill me in on whether any of these ever made it to republication or something. If not,then I'd appreciate it if y'all can get back to me onnit coz I'd like to share the contents of these gems with all of you viewers out there by patiently and carefully scanning them in here for all your viewing pleasure. ;) I checked the copyright thingy innit and it dates back 1963. O.O There's about 3 Paul Robinson books and 5 Dave Rand books in total, folks! So I'll be happy to keep this site busy with new updates on the books as regularly as I can put 'em in. So Lemme know, ya? Cheers Folks!


Alina Chau said...

Woooo .... these are sooooo COOOOL!!

Virginia Valle said...

:) WOOOW WOOOWW you have heavy material :D...... Good luck Sandra!!!