Saturday, December 30, 2006

More Artworks

A lil drawing of a lil owl I did for our MnU book that never made it to the printers. There was just too few pages for it to be inserted along with the others.
An old drawing of sharks I did at another previous studio a while back.

As promised, here's the image of the Wild Cat quick sketch I did a video clip of that's posted in YouTube.

And finally, some more shameless pluggin'. Another one of my artworks done in participation of The Cartoonists Rights Network Exhibition in Romania for January next month. This time 'round they're gonna be featuring Mihai Eminescu among many others. Here's my rendition of Mr. Eminescu. Check out the exhibition details and stuff here at

Cheers folks! :)


Mark said...

oooooo, thanks for posting the wild cat sketch, looks great, as do the other drawings. :D

Anonymous said...

wonderful sketch !