Thursday, December 28, 2006

Vote for Honey Baby!

Here's something light hearted for everyone!
Ok,I've been campaigning for an additional character to be added to the cast of the Saladin project ( ) at my office for sometime now but it's still under consideration. This is the lil character, Honey Baby, the Sugar Glider. Your vote counts and all feedbacks are welcome. Just place your vote/notes/ideas here and I'll be checking in on the progress now and then. Please help Honey Baby make it to the Big Screens.

Cheers and thanks very much!


eendar said...

ohhh such a cute face!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

superb sketch, I love his expression n style too

Anonymous said...

So you're working on saladin! I knew i reckonized your previous sketches from somewhere! I just wish the animated serie comes to canada or else ill have to wait for the DVD :S