Sunday, February 01, 2015

Erin's Art Challenge - Day # 1

 Hi y'all! Well this year's getting from busy to busier as the days progress. Yesterday I've had the pleasure of catching up with my ol' pal,Erin Humiston and just out of the blue,he challenges me in FB to a 5 day art challenge whereby I'm require to submit and share 3 pages of art that's not been seen or shared anywhere online before. So,to dig up my lil' trove of sketch's my first sets of 3 in no particular order. The first page above is my art studies of the Magnificent Maestro Uderzo's style. Been growing up with both his and Goscinny's series since I was a kid. I've been asked by my Dutch publisher,Wallie,if he can commission an Asterix sketch from me. So that's just what I've been up to as recorded in those sporadic dates on the side of the page. Lil bit at a time,sketch sketch sketch....

 This next page is a tribute commission for my French Language Exchange pal,Naim's role playing game character alongside his brother's.  He requested for some sort of French rogue Muskateer character. So Voila!
This last page : On the left,is an Old Man study I'm doing for a graphic novel project for Mr. Gavin Yap. The other side,I jsut felt like drawing a bulldog.

Cheers and hope you all like it!

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