Friday, November 09, 2007

Sketches and a new face

Some sketches done during our Thursday Life Drawing sessions at the office after working hours. We each take turns to pose since none of us wanna splurge our hard earned cash on professional models.

And 'ello 'ello 'ello! Blogdom has been invaded by a new settler,and hopefully a permanent and up-to-date one. (Read that Steve?)
Everyone,please drop by and give a warm welcome to Steve Bristow,Animation Director extraordinaire. His blog may be void of many drawings,but is starting to fill up with many animation yarns and tips that is hopefully useful to readers around. This guy has more than a thousand projects under his belt (which he should really list down) that makes for interesting reads once he makes the effort to type them in.
His 2 daughters,Lee-Ling and Lee-Sa, too have taken on the creative streak and have been churning out amazing artpieces from whatever they can get their hands on.
This is Lee-Ling drawing with chocolate sauce on a plate.

Lee-Sa's art skills is nothing short of spectecular!
When lacking in artworks for your blog,Steve, just rope in some of your daughters artworks and voila! Another wonderful artblog to visit.

Visit Steve Bristow's blog at...

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martin wittig said...

Wonderful Sketches!:)