Saturday, November 11, 2006

CAT Conference 2006

The Creative Arts n Technology Conference 2006 held at Enterprise 4's Auditorium at Technology Park,Bukit Jalil recently on the 6th and 7th this month was both fun n exciting for me coz it means having another opportunity to rub shoulders with more animation lovers or animators, watch screenings of works and animation done by the local professionals and especially getting one of those rare chances of meeting up with old friends again. The icing on the cake was of course, a two part series of talk given by two reps from Studio Ghibli. Above pic showing some of my MnU friends having a blast in front of my digicam before the start of the conference.
Short screening of Howl's moving castle after lunch break.
I love sitting behind these kids. They're the coolest most frank film critics you'd ever want to meet. Here's what some of them were discussing about during the screening of our Saladin trailer..."WOW!That! What's that?" or "I like! Fire! People on fire!"My colleague Kamal at the podium delivering a short talk on our progress work on the Saladin tv series.
Got caught by some MMU and deviantart girls at the bathroom. I got just enough time to sketch something for one of the girls. Cheers ladies and thanx for the warm greetings.

Some additional images here....above is my work table at the office and below...WOOHOOHOO!!! Finally got my hands on a copy of 'Stormy Night' at Speedy Vids. Beautifully done and excellent movie overall. I'm so inspired! ^____^

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