Thursday, March 09, 2006

Meaty Inspirations

Hehehe,the Meaty Prince himself,Dr.Biggles,inspired me to draw a version of a cat clutching tightly to his fatty chow. The other would be my version of the Meat Fairy. ^^
Check out his cool site at
And ya might as well hop on to my favorite bunnies while you're at it! ;) Luv a bunch of bunnies who know how to enjoy their food.


Goro said...

haven't been here for a while! So much new stuff here! Love your work! keep it up. G

Grigory Lozinsky said...

Sandra,your drawings are very interesting,especially your characters. They are very lively.

Tennessee Reid said...

Oh my God that is hysterical !!!

Sandrasan you have such an amazing range!!!



drbiggles said...

YEAH !!! That's awesome !!!

I'll need to link to this, fer SURE.

You're a peach!


Alina Chau said...

That's an awesome fun drawing!!

lorraine_alvarez said...

Very cool stuff, keep up the good work!

Eren said...

Heheee these are great! Wonderful work Sandra!

Mark said...

Hi Sandra,

Lovely work, I especially like your cats :)...really nice...

All The Best


Sandra Khoo said...

Goro : Hahahaha,thanx Goro! I haven't been to your site in a long while too! Great new stuff u have there btw. Keep 'em comin'. ;)

Grigory : WOO! Thanx very much,Grigory! I'm in awe of your stupendous work. Really makes my eyes pop out.O.O

Tennessee : glad you like them,Ten! Really great to hear from you also after such a long spell of absense. ;)hehehe,keep on blogging so I can see what goodies you've been up to.

Dr.Biggles : Eeehehehe,so glad n relieved u like 'em,Meat. XD WOO! Keep on giving me inspirations,maestro!

Alina : Hahahaha,thanx Al! And great job on helping me to keep up with the directory editing. I owe u one. ;)

Lorraine : Yay! Thanx Lorraine! :D

Eren : WOO! Thanx Eren! You have a load of fun new stuff in your site too! I love their simplicity in colors n style.Really Awesome!

Mark : Wow! Thanx Mark and great to meetcha! I'm having a hard time to go to your site tho,didja delete your blog or something?

martin wittig said...

These are great! Awesome designs,nice linework,and Very appealing!---and funny!!!

Lee said...

right on, i like the scary cat,

Sandra Khoo said...

Martin Wittig : WOO! Thanx Martin! Appreciate it! ^^ Hehehe,so glad u like 'em.

Lee : HEhehehe, poor mouse tho. XD

Teemu J├Ąppinen said...

Wow! Cool stuff! Without knowing what the cat looks like, I can definately assume (with my own personal experience of cats) that you've captured it really well! Awesome!