Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Animation Pitch 2006

Our company at MDeC had hosted an event called the MSC Animation Pitch 2006 Awards for a tv series recently on the 24th of July at the Cyberview Lodge in Cyberjaya. Sure it's nothing and no where near as good compared to the recent San Diego Comic Con,but it got quite a lot of participants and guests from the local animation industry to come and cramp into one lovely conference hall and that in itself was a very fun day.
This is some of us at MDeC working on the Saladin project. That's from left to right...Choong Chi-Ren our scriptwriter, me (Hiya!),Melissa/Mel,artist extraordinaire and storyboard artist...and finally Ezatul,our project's researcher.

This is Inspidea Studio delivering their winning pitch. Their project's entitled 'Drop Dead!'. Smooothhh!
Another winning pitch given by local comic artist,Reggie Lee, entitled 'The Stalk'.3 guys having a blast...from left to right,my ex-animation lecturer and good friend Syed Hassan,currently working with RK Studios...Johari and William B. DuBay(what an honor!) from Vision Animation. Both coming out as winners during the event.

I see people....

The judges....from left you can see two of my colleagues Kamal and Vernon...the grandfather of our local animation industry,Mr. Hassan Muthalib and Steve Bristow, our project's director for Saladin. Another one of my colleagues with his hand cupped to his mouth standing there is Aik Wee.A group pic of all the 5 top winners during the event...RK Studios, Vision Animation, Inspidea, Reggie Lee and Animasia. Each of the winners received an RM50K grant to help start up their original IPs for a tv series done locally.

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