Friday, February 02, 2007

Michael Caine on Acting

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Ok, I'm a big fan of Michael Caine. But not many people know this. :)
I wanted to share these clips found recently on YouTube which I find very poignant in order to get across the significance of acting,be it for a live action or animation production. Acting plays a very crucial role in enabling the right idea and story to get across to the audience. You get a script,and if it's not delivered accurately and affectively across,then it's well on it's way to ending up being just a mediocre production. I'm not saying that to get an idea across, you have to have perfect acting skills about it,no, but long as the message is conveyed ideally and hits the right mark...then you have your audience where you want them to be. The subtleties on acting varies depending on the sort of production you're aiming for. Animation is a moving graphic narration and you have all the luxuries of getting the idea across through good acting and should not be squandered and taken for granted. I don't want to give the ol' excuse of budget or time constraint which is always the case(even here), but if an animator is trained properly in the fields of acting as well, I believe it can make all the difference in the world for any of their projects. Bringing it to higher grounds so to speak.
Now if only the animation schools here would also include 'acting' into their syllables. And while they're at it, include the studies of poetry,culture and music.

"Thank you so much,Zeke! For helping me solve the earlier technical difficulties". :)


Zeke said...

You're welcome! ^_^

Eric Z said...

wow! Micheal Caine is a great actor and one of the few that can take on such diverse roles believably. I think thats always the trait of a great actor.

Sandra Khoo said...


Eric : Definitely. Especially love his portrayal of the bumbling Sherlock Holmes(so brilliant!) and Lieutenant Gromville Bromhead in Zulu.

katzenjammer studios said...

that is a grat post. great find thank you for posting it.

Sandra Khoo said...

no problemo, Katz! ;) Glad u enjoyed it!