Saturday, July 12, 2008

Loud hints and a quick sketch

There's apparently a huge amount of YouTubers putting in a lot of effort in coming up with movie trailers they desire to see in the upcoming movie bill. There's one good way for movie goers to drop loud hints to movie makers out there of what they want to watch. I've seen a couple already, including an unexpected Voltron trailer. But I think Knightfall182's 'Justice League of America' trailer is one of the best efforts in movie editing I've come across so far.

And a Joker sketch I've as yet to add color to.


Anonymous said...

I just discovered you on, the way you draw people is AMAZING!

Congratulations :)


Howard Shum said...

Cool Joker, Sandy!

Richard Oud said...

I love your Jokers... keep rocking them like this, because they look amazing! Take care.

Alina Chau said...

v coool lnk!! Your drawing always ROCKS!

elephantmarchblog said...

I need to check this blog out more periodically. Great characters!

Sandra Khoo said...

Roby : Hey, thanks very much,Rob! Great to meetcha in here too.

Howard : Thanks very much,Howie! No prize guessing he's the one I enjoy drawing the most.

Richard : :D Thanks for the support and encouragement,Richard! So happy you like 'im.

Alina : You RAWK,Al! *hugs*

William : Hehehe,appreciate you even taking the time to peruse and comment in here,William. Cheers and thanks!