Monday, December 07, 2009

Debut Screening of Secret of Kells tomorrow at Kre8tif!!!

Here's whats been happening so far during the Kre8tif event!
John Stevenson from Dreamworks enlightening the audience on the production process of Kung Fu Panda with some rare clips and images.

With the Secret of Kells trailer playing outside the foyer for curious onlookers lounging on the soft bean chairs provided.
The crowd dispersing for a coffee and networking break.

The foyer with exhibition booths prepared for studios to display and recruit.

Sadly,I didn't sit in for the Rhythm & Hues Workshop on The Golden Compass earlier as I was frantically dashing to deliver the Secret of Kells film in time for the event.

This was not announced in the program earlier as I was anxious and fear 'what if' it did not arrive on time for the event. But now that it has finally touched down in KL, I can safely declare that its going to be one spectacular premier and can hardly wait to see it! Hope everyone attending will enjoy the film. Cheers to Tomm Moore and the staff that have worked hard in assisting us to get the film here on time!

Cheers folks!


Alessandra Sorrentino said...

Haha those sneaky eyes in the bushes look familiar ;)
I hope you enjoyed the movie!

Sandra Khoo said...

Alessandra : Hehehe! I only got to saw the first quarter. :( The film or player got wonky the next day of screening. :( Always nice to meet a fellow artist with the same name *grins* You have a wonderful style and look going for your works! Love it! Keep those babies coming!