Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Hi everyone! It's been a great start to the year. Work has never been more productive and am pleased to announce the launch of the first few games online which I've been involved in for the designs. You can check them out here at 2D Play ( Among the latest games I've worked on is Social War, Nightmare on Pink Street and The Three Thieves. And seeing as work has been ever more than we can cope with at the studio, I'm very pleased to say that my boss is looking to hire a few potential and talented artists and 2D/flash animators on board to fill in our soon to be launched Creative Division at the studio. Although we're looking to hire full-time to fill up the studio capacity, we do hire out a lot of freelance gigs to talented individuals who might be available for the work but won't be able to commute to the office or is living overseas. So do drop us a line at Big Wig Media ( or contact me directly if any one of you are interested in a lucrative career in the 2D gaming industry.
Here's one of my recent rough pencils for all interested applicants to try their hand at inking it as a quick test.
Hope to hear from you all real soon and hopefully I'll get to work with any one of you out there in the near future producing games of our very own.

Cheers folks!

Oh yea, if you folks have some spare time,do catch up on our latest news of Saladin with the recent interview of our talented Director and Writer,Mr. Choong Chi-Ren here @

Stay cool,folks!


Kristin said...

Hey there, I have a sample to send! How can I send it to you?

Sandra Khoo said...

Hi Kristin, terribly sorry for the late response. You can send it to and looking forward to seeing. :D