Friday, August 14, 2015

AWGH! It's finally here!!!

 WWAAAAAA!!!! It's finally arrived!!! I've been waiting for oh so long for this package to arrive...and now it's finally here,I can hardly contain my excitement!!!! I am soooo taking this to bed with me tonight!The workmanship is just too exquisite for mere words! Enrique....YOU ROCK MY WORLD!!!!!!
If some of you are not aware's a link to Enrique Fernandez's Brigada blog :
Trust me,it is so worth every single penny invested into this project. He just puts all the love and soul into each stroke and every panel in all of the pages. I am indeed humbled by his amazing talent and feel so very privileged to have been even a minuscule part of his kickstarter project. Thank you so very much,Enrique!
On another side note....some more shameless pluggin'.
Time for me to hit the hay with my new comic lovelies!