Tuesday, November 03, 2015

My first Taksu Exhibition

Am a late entry for this Thursday's Art Gallery exhibition at Taksu, Kuala Lumpur. Have taken on the advice of my new 'Sensei' Kenji. He told me "You should never feel stressed over completing an art piece. You should always enjoy and do what feels natural and comes easy to you. Don't matter or fuss about the deadlines or creating something big/great. Just enjoy the moment of creating something special and what's really YOU". Well, I did just that, and I find I really do get more satisfaction and pride out of completing each of them. In fact,I would like to keep and hang them on my own walls if I could. I've always liked and enjoy sketched works. Owning them would be a plus. Because sketches are the essence and forms the foundations and ideas to all final art pieces. And with that understanding,that's what makes sketches more precious than the finished masterpiece.