Tuesday, November 29, 2005

G' Mornin' Everyone!

My motor was really slow in startin' up this morning, so I doodled some stuff to warm up. Something I felt while I was listening to my regular playlist. This came out on the paper while I was listening to Cirque du Soleil's 'Alegria'. I don't know if there was any official mention about it, but I feel that it's very important to draw what one feels like,and not what one is compelled to draw. The artist has all their own emotions wrapped up and needs to be let out onto the paper.So this is what came out onto my paper. Yea, I'm a real emotional person, ain't every artist? Listening to Sarah Brightman and Jose Cura singing 'Just show me how to love you' after that,helped me to clean up my lines. :P I'm sure there's an unwritten rule somewhere out there about artists personalities and traits. Well,I'm blabbering...my nose is dripping like a faucet...and I just need to update my stuff. So here's some more,everyone! ^^

I was thinking of the upcoming 'Narnia' one day,so this lion (upper right) appeared. I drew a little mouse nearby to make it look like that ol' fable about the Lion and the Mouse.
I drew up a bunch of kids last Sunday while I was at my sister's house to spend time with her and my lil nephew,Adam. He's a real fan of stop-motion animation rather than the regular 2D/3d stuff. His favorites being Pingu and Thomas the Toy Engine. O.O Whooaaa,mama! He can watch them over and over again all day long till the discs are ruined. Only 2 and he knows how to operate the dvd player already. I'm a proud aunty. ^^


El Snoozo said...

I got back from all my vacations and started doing the " rounds" on the blogs again.

You crazy kids and all yer fancy drawings..Now I have to play catch up!

Good schtuff, oh and thanks for adding me to your lil' sidebar O' Blogs..I threw your site up on mine, for the 8 people who swing by :)

Alina Chau said...

WOW!! THese are very beautiful drawings!! I love the painting and ink on the top!! GREAT works!

Newsquirt said...

wish I could click those images to make them bigger, so much great stuff to look at. Great!

St John Street said...

these designs are real hot i love the girl

Virginia Valle said...

OHH THEY ARE GREAT ;).... truly amazing

Pusha V said...

I dont come here often enuff this is very good work my friend very good. Keep on truckin'

Eren said...

Oooh great drawings Sandra! Wish I could see the bigger images but they sure look fantastic!

Hadibi said...

the harleyquinn picture is fantastic O_O the best of all your sketches so far!

can't wait to watch narnia~ your lion looks really friendly than the movie trailers lol

Sandra Khoo said...

So very sorry for the technical glitches,folks. I can't figure why it won't open to a bigger folder. I tried reloading it up in a bigger file format & altering it's script but the results are still the same.
Anyone out there who can help me on this? I'd really appreciate it. I'm stumped. Funny how the first image turned out alrite but not the other 2. Hhmmmmm.....Will try to get it sorted out somehow. Thanx for the feedback,guys! ^^

snoozo : No probs Snoozy!Hope u do catch up with the latest. ^^

Alina: Thanx very much,Al! ^^

Newsquirt: Still trying...*sigh*

John: Thanx very much,John. Glad ya like her! ^^

Virginia:hehehe,thanx so much,girl!

Pusha: I will! ;)

Eren: ooo,thanx very much,Eren. Will try to get it sorted if I can.

Hadb:Woooo,thanx Had! Really ar? :D
There's a comicky look to 'im I'd like to portray. ^^

Christine Lim Simpson said...

Mine! It seems like only just a few days since I checked on you. And you have a ton to show. I love them.

Christophe said...

Great stuff! Too bad we can't see the full-sized ones. ;-) hope you can fix that soon !

Dik Pose said...

Very nice work!!!

Serena said...

W00t! Guess who got her own blog! And guess who'll probably forget to use it xD

Fantasmic stuff! And so expressive! :O