Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sorry folks!

So very sorry for the downtime in uploads,y'all!Hopefully things will lighten up next week and I'll have some new goodies to put up. ^^ Yea, this is what I was really 'feeling' like one day at the office...I was really really reaalllyyy sleepy and had to go online to ask a friend for some wake-up help. *.*

A quick sketch I did for GhostBot's Gnome Dogs collection. ^^


Hammy said...

Aw! You don't have to apologize! Besides you have got books to prepare for the convention right? That's a really funny self portrait there! *laughs* Yu\ou draw such cute sketches!

I really like the little Shnauzer sketch you did there. He has such a cute look and reminds me of my pet!

Alina Chau said...

Coool drawings!! U always have fun characters!

Virginia Valle said...

hee I was writing in Spanish hahahha :):) this is wonderful I love your last sketches :)

Virginia Valle said...


The Original Dangster said...

Dang you were all Ed Gory at work, I've had days like that, where I can't wake up..It's usually followed by a black out of the previous night and some throwing up.

Kick ass sketches!

Christine Lim Simpson said...

Hi, just a note to let you know I like your illos and sketches. You have a very interesting blog.

Tennessee Reid said...


You are the hardest worker of them all.
It saddens me to see you like that, but I also know the artist is producing her masterpieces...


Sandra Khoo said...

Awk,so very sorry for the real late reply folks! Here they are :

Hammy: Yea,I've finally finished my part,hopefully everything will beready by the due date. Thanx pal! Hope to see u there!

Alina: Thanx Al! *hugz*

Virginia: Hehehe,thanx Virginia! So glad u like 'em. :) ;)

Dangster: Awww,no! U sound worst off than me! Hope those days are rare. Thanx dude!

Christine : Heyyy,thanx Christine,and great to meetcha. Your blog rawks too! ^^

Ten: Hehehehe,actually I'm a lazy bum, most of my artworks are rush work. I don't spend too much time on one drawing. :P But thanx anyways for the kind words, sure is making me feel better. ^^