Friday, February 17, 2006

Go Chinese

Just bought for meself some chinese brushed and chinese ink last weekend....and I'm LOVIN' IT! XD WOO! Sorry for not updating regularly,folks...anyways,here's a quick roundup :
1) Working on finishing all the character model sheets by this month before the big 'D' (director) comes in.
2) Could almost feel the digicam in my hand...working on some side jobs to help finance my lil baby. ^^Wish I could've had it earlier tho'...>.< There was a talk and presentation given today by a visiting studio which I wish I could've taken shots of. *doh*
3) Am gonna go cruisin' to some Hobb's store in town this weekend to use up a discount coupon I won last year before it expires this month.
4) Just finished shifting our office to a new premise a few doors down the hall. Dang,it's colder in here than the ol' place where you can control the room temperature. Got some gloves to keep it from freezin' in the morning now. ^^
5) Some neighbourhood stray dogs have adopted our house as their home base now so yea,I see them a lot everyday. I calls 'em Maverick and Lupo. Will go into further details on 'em when I finally get my digicam and will definitely posts some sketches of them when I get the chance. ;)
6) I can't believe I haven't even plugged in my new tablet yet. >.< Will be doing so soon,...I hope.
That's all for now I think...more to come and thanx very much for all your kind comments,folks! Take cares and cheers!


hteekay said...

who told me that analog camera is wayyyyy much better than digicam one?? huh? who? who??!!


your brushwork is amazing. diggin that tiger, such an awesome pose.

Horacio Domingues said...

Amazing stuff!!!



Patrick said...

very, very nice Sandra,and like one sick individual I dig that tiger.

Hammy said...

Great strokes you have there. :D Gotta agree, the tiger is really neat! One thing about your artworks that brings out your style the most is the eye, I thought. And your confident strokes.

Can't wait to see you put your tablet in full use too! Gee! An Intuos! I would die to use it as soon as I get one myself! *laughs*

Sandra Khoo said...

hteekay : The good ol' cameras still rulez,bub! Only getting myself digicam for convenience sake for my food journalism.WOO!

osi : Yo,thanx man! ^^ Great site u have too! Gonna be adding u to my watch as soon as I can get my list organized properly.WOo! I'm watching a llooottt of ppl!

Horacio D.: WOO! Thanx very much,Horacio! I admire your coloring techniques a lot!Greetings to ya too!^^

Patrick : Hey man, thanx very much! Appreciate it! ^^ Will u be having a blog site up by any chance? ;)

Hamsty : Thanx Hammie! Really appreciate your time n efforts in commenting on my site. ^^ I've only just plugged in the big I last night. WOO! It's working like a beauty...mmmmmmmmm.

Alessandro_PPG said...

Very cool sketches! Beautiful sketches ! Congratulations!Parabéns pelo lindo trabalho profissional! Gostaria de colocar em meu link de favoritos! Abraços!

Sandra Khoo said...

Yo,Thanx very much Alessandro! ^^ And it's a great pleasure to meetcha. Great site u have! ;)

Alina Chau said...

THese are sooo unique and beautiful!! Love the design quality, simply elegant!

~ Lu said...

Sandra! The animals u have in here are very nicelly done. The ink work is very pretty.

I also liked the drawings in that sketchbook page (where the green guy is, but I like the most the colored guy and the gal looking to the back) they are very expressive. Beauty!

martin wittig said...

It's been awhile since I've visited.Holy Crap! you've been busy. There are so many beautiful images here, I wasn't sure where to begin. These in particular were a favorite of mine. You've got some great brush skills! I'll be back soon!!

norm said...


I love these pieces. Amazing draftmanship!

Eric Vanic said...

Damn! sweet tiger...awesome job.