Tuesday, February 07, 2006

There goes my holiday

What better way to spend my week long holiday...falling sick right smack in the middle of it!!!>.<

My take on Hans. Hope he likes it tho...*.*

I'm dreaming of a digicammmm....

Very sorry for the image size problem,folks! I still haven't figured out why I can't click onnit and the larger image will appear,any thoughts anyone? Anyways, here's a link to the first image in a larger version at...http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/28782326/
Thanx for the feedback,folks!


Alina Chau said...

Great new drawings!! love that green character in the top drawing sets. They are all great, but some how that green guy stand out!! HA ! HA !! I think you do a great caricature of Han!!

Sam said...

hey, i hope you're feeling better again !
those are some cool, cool drawings ! too bad the size of the pictures is so little, but they look great nevertheless :)

Goro said...

OMG I know exactly what you mean....I'm sick now....T.T
The first page is freakin' awesome! Can we see it in big?
Oh and if you want a super digicam I could recommend the nikon D70. I bought it last year incredible cam!!

daly city steven said...

hi sandra! sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. does it affect your drawing skills when you're sick? anyways, just wanted to put in that request again for a larger scan of the girl you sketched in your last posting. hope you feel better soon!

thanks again,
steven lim in daly city, california usa


Mustashrik said...

recently 'found' your blog, and i must say its awesome stuff your doing here, i love it ;)


Sandra Khoo said...

unryscaAlina : Hahaha,thanx Al!Yea,Green guy...I was trying to experiment with his colors. ;)

Sam : Thanx Sam!I definitely am feeling much much better compared to last week. Funny,you should be able to click onnit for it to enlarge,I dunno why it's acting up. Hhhhhhmmm....*scratches head*
Thanx,I'll look into it.

Goro : Whoa,u too? I'll try and see what I can do about the images size problem...ggrrrr...hate it when this happens. Oh and thanx very much for the recommendation,I'll definitely look into purchasing it. ;)

Steven : Thanx Steve!Yup,it does affect my drawing coz I can't even hold up a pencil to save myself. I thought I did send it to you when you first requested it,anyhoo...I'll send it to ya again. Hope it reaches u this time. ;) Thanx!

Mustashrik : Thanx Mustashrik! Glad u like it!;)

hans bacher said...

that's a great caricature, sandra.
you made me look much younger.
I like that - thank you

Zeke said...

Here's what i think u can do 2 link 2 ur larger image. At ur deviant art page, click on zoom in. Once u hv the full size image, right click on it, select properties. Copy the direct link from there. In the 1st image, below would b the direct link.


Sandra Khoo said...

Hans : WOOOHHOOO!!!So glad u like it! ^^ *phew*

Zeke : Thanx for the suggestion,Zeke! I'll try that next round.

Touchskies said...

Thanks for posting on my blog.
Really nice stuff in here!
Ciao Ciao.

crylic said...

insanely expressive stuff all around Sandra, your blog is a constant inspiration. great, great stuff!

reboundicon said...

great line art!

Sandra Khoo said...

Touchskies : No problemo,Allesandro! I love your work!And thanx very much for the compliment!;) Graci!

Crylic : Woo! Thanx very much for pumping me with more enthusiasm to draw! ^^ Me want more ,haw haw!

Reboundicon : WooHOO! Thanx pal! Glad u liek 'em! ;)

Touchskies said...

great stuff!


hteekay said...

that guy in green sweater looks like Jason

Eren said...

Oooh very cool sketches! I hope you can figure out the image/link thing because they look so good!

ysengrin said...

Really good expressions!

Virginia Valle said...


Sandra Khoo said...

touchskies : Yo,thanx Al! ^^

Hteekay : Naw he doesn't.I was thinking of that guy character from the movie 'Valentin'.

Eren : I dunno,Eren.It never happened before...I wonder.>.< But will keep on trying,thanx! ^^

ysengrin : Woo! Thanks very much,Nic! I'm feeling good about myself now. XD Heh!

Virginiajoe : Awwwwww shucks,thanx virginia! ^^ *blushes*

Howard Shum said...

Cool drawings, Sandra!

I didn't get a high-res scan of that previous girl drawing in my e-mail either. Please e-mail one to me. :)


hteekay said...

yes he does, i bet if you go and kick jason on the kidney, he would look like that drawing. LOL