Monday, April 23, 2007

Work work and more work!!!

Sorry for sorely neglecting my site and voiding it of new artworks,folks. Things have just been,again,pretty hectic here and I'm just about burnt out again...both physically and emotionally. Used to be able to stay up late night after night years back,but body is asking for more breaks than usual.
Must constantly remind myself that worrying about paying the bills,taxes and fulfilling ones responsibilities,duties and obligations is no way to live. Sure,I'm alive and well...but I mustn't forget how to live. Thank God for beautiful friends,companions and my loved ones who're always there to bring a smile to my days and remind me not to forget to take a break now n then.

And the guys at MnU are not shirking in their loving duties as well. Reminding me of how much they appreciate my existance by lavishing me with lovely unexpected treats like buying me drinks and meals out of the blues. These pics were taken recently last Saturday when they all treated me to a Jap buffet not far from our neighbourhood. Thank you so much,guys! I really really appreciate and cherish every moment of it.
And ranting a bit online does help to ease the pressure a whole lot. So that's basically what I'm doing now here at the office. It's almost time to clock out and I still have a lot of work ahead of me. Thank God also that it's almost towards the end of the month and the holidays are fast approaching. I'm definitely gonna spend my precious days wisely. Gonna pack my stuff before we do shift house eventually, finish all of my sketching and watercoloring as I've been meaning to do, update my sites, chores...drawing,drawing and more drawing. Also thanx to an additional holiday with regards to something that has to do in conjunction with our Sultan. I can't remember what it was...his birthday? the corronation of a new sultan? Whatever it is... HooYah!

Now....back to work. Can't wait to get this job out of the way
so that I can get back to my drawings and sketching.


C.G. Leow said...
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C.G. Leow said...

Hi. Hope you're feeling better. Take it easy. You take on way too many things. Listen to Baloo.