Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I've taken two days off from work combined with the some of the holidays we have here. All in all.including the weekends,they make one whole week of holiday. So am taking the opportunity to sort things out at home. Slowly packing away some clothes and stuff for the probable yet unconfirmed possiblity of us moving house within the span of a month or 2 more.
Besides having to juggle household management for a change,I try to find the time to get some of my artworks aside. But it's been very very slow. By the time I get the chores,cooking,grocery shopping and some packing done, I'm already quite exhausted. Nevermind having to find the time to do some more research and reading. Guess this is a very good test to push myself on being a better time manager and to stretch my body's strenght and energy to it's maximum capacity. Had fun yesterday going through mum's cupboards with my twin. We were like kids again, playing dress up and making fun of mum's weird fashion sense.

Sorry am not able to post any artworks here as yet cos they're all incomplete. Still have today and tommorrow to sort everything out. Wish me all the best!
Have a great week,folks! :)


Christine Lim Simpson said...

Good luck with the move. We seem to have to do that every 2 years, so I can understand the exhaustion and all that. Take care. :)

C.G. Leow said...

In case you didn't know, you've been tagged by John Nevarez! Hope to see new drawings soon. Good luck with the move.

Alina Chau said...

WOW!! YOur sketchbook pages look great, can't wait to see you post them up!