Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tokyo Sketches

Well,this has been looonngg due and I thoroughly apologise for that,folks . I've been so busy with work and stuff that I just didn't have the capacity to finish adding in the colors to all of my travel sketches as yet. And I'm still scribbling in new drawings into my sketchbook day in, day out. It's just not possible for me to keep up with churning up sketch journals each day without compromising the other works. But anyways, here are the first 2 pages of my travel sketches I did while in Tokyo. Was there to attend the Annual Tokyo Animation awards and Anime Festival that took place at Tokyo Big Sight.
Truly and unforgettable and wonderful trip there. The people were all beautiful,the culture,the places...everything about Japan. I've fallen in love with all of it. And I definitely want to return to Japan as often as I can. Yeap,the first thing that took my breath away about Japan are the people. Their attitude,their patience,their diligence,...everything about them commands respect and honor. even the littlest of tasks is taken very seriously and with passion. That's the word...PASSION. I've learnt a lot during my one week stay in Japan and I hope that some of that knowledge and experience will rub off on me in my daily life and work.
The second thing that took my breathe away is that every inch of the place is CLEAN! Even the dirtiest of section of the city is clean! Even cleaner than my own bedroom I'm ashamed to admit,but its true. I'm thoroughly impressed. Japan has truly earned their place as one of the top Megacities in the world.
Our first stop for dinner after checking in at the hotel. Genkiya guarentee fast service of approx. 48 secs per order. And they fulfill it to the dot.

My Beef Bowl - 550 yen. Loovveellyyy!
My friend,Mastura's order of Curry rice - 450 yen.

Love visiting the local marts to check out and buy the enticingly packaged goodies. Everything is so tempting to purchase there. The Japanese are tops when it comes to enticing the buyer to part with their brass.
WOOHOO! We're in Vending Machine land.
The Cleaners

And a clip I found and which I love. An ad by Richard William's studio. Everything is so lovingly executed and well thought out that I can't stand it not being shared with those who've not the opportunity to see it yet. Here it is,folks! Enjoy!

All of my travel pics will be included in my Flickr gallery as soon as I'm able to add them in. Cheers and have a great day,folks!


Anonymous said...

Oi! Don't mix the food with the art!

Keath007 said...

Fantastic sketches!

dintoons said...

love the sketches in the sketchbook! it looks like a really cute n cool handmade comic!
have fun! :o)