Friday, April 25, 2008

PEKOMIK at PWTC recently

MnU was cordially invited to make an appearance at the Pekomik event at Putra World Trade Centre recently. We were given a booth to display our wares and were also asked to give an introductory talk about ourselves during the event. I flopped that one like guacamole gone bad overnight.

Still it was pretty much an experience to relish...that I will never ever do another talk till I get myself some proper lecture training.
Here's a peek at my contribution to the Longest Comic Banner in Asia...for the Pekomik event.
The rest of the Saladin team members got their hands on it too and all did a very fine job despite the tight deadline to hand it in to the organizers.

Laters, everyone!


Arica said...

Sandra, your stuff is awesome. Mind if I link you from my blog? You've always been a pretty big inspiration.

Sandra Khoo said...

Heyas Arica, you're just as big an inspiration for me. ^___^ I loveeee your designs with a passion. Link away as you please.

Matt said...

That is sooo rad. When/where do we get to see the whole comic banner?

Also, thanks for reminding what a big impact Rikki Tikki Tavi had on my childhood! Time to go hunt down budget some DVDs.

Alina Chau said...

WOW! WOW!! THat's super cool!

Sandra Khoo said...

Matt : Hey there! I'm sorry but I'm not exactly sure if the organizers have taken the initiative to get the entire drawings and comics for the banner shot for all to see online. I'll definitely ask when I chat with the organizers again. I'm sure a whole lot of ppl would like to see all of the contributions to it.
If you fail on your quest, you can always count on good ol' YouTube. Ahah!

Al : Hey,Ally Al! Thank you so much.girl! *hugs*