Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Tripod Entertainment Visit

There's been so much goings on lately that my updates here have been squelched tremendously. It's been an unending hive of activity around the office day in,day out. One of which is a lovely visit from Tripods Entertainment to our Saladin office in Cyberjaya. That's some of the Saladin team members alongside JCC and Tripoders.

Gregg showing his Zoorocco project to the guys that missed his lecture series the day before.
Me with my babies. Character designs for the first 6 episodes for Saladin.
After all these years, Syed (my ex-college lecturer now director numero dos) is still marking and approving my designs. Below, some of us at Saladin still find the time to chill and relax after office hours over a game of DnD. Nerds....I know.

Some photos from Gregg Davidson's animation lecture series on Zoorocco.

Having dinner with Gregg.


Enjoy folks!

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