Wednesday, November 04, 2009

80s stuff

Me and Bob (writer) have been chatting about 80s cartoons, Rankin & Bass in particular...and we both agree that the best tv series that still holds grounds today is def hands down, Thundercats. They did a lot of fantastic design and animation for the project and many others back then, many of which has influenced me to draw where I am now.

We also agree (along with many other pals) that their opening sequence is the strongest by far throughout the 80s onslaught of tv cartoons. My twin mentioned something about looking forward to the Thundercats trailer,if the project ever comes through, which prompted me to surf up its progress. I then came upon the Thundercats Lair site for fan and this article....
From what I can make out of it, Stephen Perry, a contributing writer for many of the Thundercats episodes is in dire need and is askig for help. The help appears genuine enough so if anyone would like to help or look into this further, do check out the article link there. A lot of artist do feel the brunt of the uncertainties these days takes us and many are rallying together to help many see through the lean times. Hope this works out too for Mr. Perry.

Also came across this unique and fun blog on He-Man. Didn't peruse it thoroughly but the chap seems to know his stuff plus its fun to read.

Cheers to 80s cartoons!


Chan Ghee Leow said...

What a coincidence! I was just talking to a colleague too about this topic, and we too concluded that the Thundercats intro is probably the only that hasn't aged!

Sandra Khoo said...

CG : Hehehe, it certainly is,isn't it? I am ever so thankful and grateful to be born an 80s child. The best childhood growing up methinks. The intro of the gaming culture with tons of new animation talents making their mark into an already golden age. The best!