Sunday, January 08, 2012

Art Trade and the impending Migration

Great! Henry Jaepelt 's Art Trade came through in the mail today! Here's a peek at his lovely design style! Love it because it looks like a springboard from Moebius/Jean Giraud's style. :D Thank you,Henry! I've as yet to draw him something just as neat and eye candy.
And been thinking,it won't be long before the biggest annual event of human migration which will be taking place very soon this coming Chinese New Year. It brings to mind this eye opening movie which focuses about the life and struggles of a typical Chinese couple working in the city but leaving their kids behind in the rural communities usually to be taken care of by their relatives or grandparents because jobs are scarce in the rural villages.
I caught this documentary a long time back about the plight of Chinese kids left behind by their parents who took off in search to earn a better living to sustain the family and can only come back to visit their kids every Lunar New Year holiday. I, like every other young kid that age would've been devastated should that situation be put onto me. Hope every kid this year gets to be reunited with their parents happily.

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