Saturday, December 31, 2011


Another year has gone by, and hafta confess,this has really been a trying year for me. But looking at the end of it all, it did come out really good in the end and am definitely more happy and grateful for my life and what it's been blessed with. I wish for the best to all of my family,friends,loved ones and everyone out there whom I'm thankful for and have the honor of sharing life's adventures with. Hope everyone will have a grand time celebratin' the New Year and be safe and well out there. I will definitely be posting more images and goodies in here once things have calmed down,parties over,last bite of food digested and recovered from excessive laughter and cheer. :D

Here are a series of clips to bring out more fun and laughter for everyone,and hope it will carry forth into the new year. I can't get enough of it. Kudos to the team who gave us 'Just for laughs'. Hehehe,guess it goes to show that cartoons doesn't necessarily have to come from painted cels ,drawn out papers and digital graphics. ;)

Have a Happy New Year 2012,Everyone!
Lots of Love and thanks for all the kindness and support all through the years.

Cheers! *NY kiss*

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