Monday, December 19, 2011

Comic Fiesta 2011

It's a wrap!!! What a blast it's been for this year's comic con at KLCC. Total mayhem and chaos and waaayyy too many visitors than we'd ever anticipate. Felt sorry for the folks that couldn't join in on the fun due to sold out tickets and over crowding in the hall. But everyone has put in a lot of effort and overall it was worth it and the event ended on a high note. More pics can be viewed in my FB page for now till I can find time to upload the stuff into my Flickr account.
Cheers folks and whoever wants to pick up a copy of our new MNU book can place their order here. It's only RM 10 for a copy of the grahic anthology from the team as well as a dozen new guest artists featuring their works inside. It's print in BnW btw but still packed full of punch including my new Claude & Chunkie strips and new development art for a personal comic project.

And for all you Bill Watterson fans out there,enjoy these clips! And thanks to my friend Luc for this awesome link of an interview into some of the details into the elusive life of Bill!
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