Saturday, December 10, 2011

RIP Jerry Robinson and this Christmas Season

Jerry Robinson & The Joker by R. Sykoryak

First off, a respectful acknowledgement and honor to the late Mr. Jerry Robinson who gave us all the world's most famous and loveable villain of all time, The Joker. He will always be remembered for his profound contribution to the comic industry and his spirit endeared whenever we each hear that familiar laugh and see that familiar big wide grin we've all come to know so very well.
Comic Books Resource has written an article about Jerry and his contribution to the industry here in the link below. Please take a look :

Some embarrassingly old stuff with new stuff.
Thank you, Mr. Robinson.

Moving on, some shameless plug-in to my very talented online pal,Ood Sereira just had her interview posted online by my best friend, Bob! Do check it out. It will be a series of interviews on comic artists around the world!
And here's another equally talented artist from our shores and am proud to say,my friend too,Ms. Hanie Mohd.
Here works are just amazing,cute and heart warming! Please take a look if you can. :)

Finally, am kick starting this holiday season with a lot of Christmas'y themed songs and what better way to usher it all in than with a lot of Frankie and Bing. :D

And a Christmas treat from Dreamworks! Watch it if you get the chance. Just a short,heart warming clip for this holiday season and the best part is,all of the characters in here are just more endearing and I mean especially/specifically Astrid.


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