Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bobcat and Links

Good morning everyone! Another day to another glorious start of the new year. And another year which promises to be loaded with much punch for the animation world. Seeing as there's a growing population of animation/art bloggers joining in the online community last year and definitely much much more this year, I don't know how I'm gonna cope with updating the animation blog directory,but will definitely try, and once the internet lines gets back on track. I'd like to kick start this entry with a Bobcat sketch I did for last year's MnU book but didn't make the printers. And below are 2 shout outs to two fabulously talented individuals who've entered into the blogging scene just recently and with whom I'm proud to have the privilege of being included into their circle of friends.

Leow Chan Ghee - animator/artist currently residing in New Zealand.

And Bill DuBay - Animation/Art Director, Writer and Editor currently located in L.A. Hopefully we'll be able to see more gems shared by these 2 very unique and very talented individuals and to ensure that they carry on sharing their treasures here in Blogdom with more spunk, please do send some (Nay! A LOT of...) traffic over to their sites. You definitely won't regret it! ;)

Here's to a new year filled with excitement and anticipation for what's in store for the year 2007. Cheers folks! :)

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