Wednesday, January 17, 2007

KL Convention Centre last Thursday

Went to the KL Convention Centre last week and saw some interesting exhibits on Islamic Medieval tools there. Our field trip coincided with the Sultan's brief visit which was pretty good coz it barracaded the rest of the public out for a good half an hour plus so it wasn't too crowded with school kids and teachers all at one time.

A Winch aarbalist/Crossbow during the 9th-10th c.
My favourite exhibit - The medieval entertainment machine operated by waterpower to showcase moving figurines in set intervals during the 11th c. This was made from book refs by al-Muradi.

Counter Balance Trebuchet by Leonardo da Vinci and large counter balance catapult.
I love this! Looks like something out of a classic comic. It's an advance type of gun made after drawings found in a 14th c. manuscript. Apparently firearms came into the Islamic world from 13th c.
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