Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Last Evening

Last evening,I was really feeling down in the dumps while driving towards town. I stopped by a red right and ..... read the comic to see what happened there n then.

I thank God for looking out for me even in my trying times.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant and Touchin'... He does have a Way of brightenin' those Dark Times in Our Lives doesn't He??? Thanks for Sharin' such a Personal Momnet...


Anonymous said...

wonderful comic ! as a kid i did the same - waving other people in their cars :)

Anonymous said... cute!

Alina Chau said...

That's a great comic page!!

Cedric said...

Hey, that's neat. Nicely drawn, too.

Tennessee Reid said...

Yes... it so reinforces the spreading of kind and loving energy and how each person can pass it on to others.

I wish everyone in my country could see things this way... especially on the LA freeway!!!

Thank you as always Sandrasan for sharing your life in such an illustrated way!

AWD! said...

Ah, the brightening of human kindness =) this picture made my day. You have some amazing work, I'm inspired!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

A superb page !! Really great work !!!!

Charecua on the Rocks! said...

This is so touching!! This kind of things always make me feel better too! Lovely strip!

Mike Milo said...

Hi Sandra, I saw a link to your blog on the Frederator blogs and loved your lil cartoon. What a cute cartoon! Very sweet. Yeah god is great sin't He? Some days I am so depressed I don't know what to do with myself and then He shows me how bad it could be and it makes me realize how good I have it. I don't know if we're referring to the same God, but it's interesting how many artists are spiritual.

Sandra Khoo said...

A 01 : Yes,indeed He does! :) Thank you!

A 02 : Yea? I usually stick my feet up the seat,visible to the viewing drivers> :P

CG : Thanx Chan Ghee! :D

Alina : Hehehe,thanx Al! Glad u like it! ^___^

Cedric : HEy,thanx Cedric! :B

Ten : Hehehe,is it that bad over there on the freeway? No problemo,Ten, and thanx for the lovely comment! And hope it did spread a lot of cheer towards yas. ;)

Awd : So glad it did,pal! And thank you for saying so! :D

Andrew : Aww,shucks! You're just boosting my ego! Hehehe Bleh! :P

Mike : Hiyas Mike! Thanx very much fro checking out on my site! :)Yea, sometimes we don't see the good things till it's gone. And I'm pretty sure we're talking about the same God coz I only believe in one God.