Friday, January 19, 2007

My Chinese Heritage

Parental Guidance/Medical Expertise is adviced. Kids, DO NOT try this at home. This was an age old Chinese belief of a quick remedy to solve that troublesome problem of having a fish bone stuck in your throat. Though in reality the method is very much more gentle contrary to what has been depicted in the comic version,nontheless, these sort of old ancestral tales are good to know and make for some good laughing. This one had one of my colleagues rolling all over with laughter in her chair. Tears even ran down her eyes. All you Asian folks who can relate to it,get ready for a tummy ache.


vivien yap said...

this is funny

jesukiran said...

nice one :)

Greg said...

Hello. Nice blog. Please drop me a line when you have a chance: greg[at]


Bonaia said...

you got some awesomeness, (is that a word?), going on.

Sandra Khoo said...

Vivien : Thanx Viv! :D Know of any other funny Chinese traits we're doomed to inherit?hahaha

Jesukiran : Thanx pal! ;)

Greg: Thanx for the heads-up,greg! :)

Bonaia : I guess it can be,hahaha,we are creative ppl after all. Just hope we don't murder the English language.