Saturday, October 01, 2011

Creative Escape to Borneo

Hi everyone, I've been away recently to host my friend,Luc, who was on a short visit from HK for a creative holiday escape to Borneo. Actually didn't think we'd make the trip at all due to some unfortunate incidences that caused delays and what nots,almost canceling the trip altogether.
Anyhoo, we got to go after all and here are a few quicky pics of the trip I took along the way.

A sneak peek of my travel journal in the works. We stayed and traveled around Kota Kinabalu this time 'round.
We planned our trip around to hit the jungles and beach scene to get away from staring too much in front of the computer and just to get more fresh air in the lungs and see some greenery for a change. It was marvellous! The air up in the mountain range is so clean,crisp and cold. Loved the market and dense vegetation all around us.
A glimpse of Mount Kinabalu,the tallest peak in Malaysia.
And a rare treat, the Rafflesia,one of the rarest plants in the world. Although in fact,it is a parasite. It's lifespan after blossoming is only a mere 1 week before it starts it's decaying process.

We paid a visit to the tree tops,trekking up the hills and did a canopy walk in the hot springs and parks.
A visit to Borneo wouldn't be complete without a bit of island hopping excursions. We only did 2 islands but it was more than enough for a one day trip. Good to see some clear turquoise water with corals and fishes. Thankfully for the duration of our visits and tours,the rain clouds stayed away and we have had good cool cloudy and sunny skies all day.

Some painting on the beach.

Some lovely natural rock formations and designs nearby our spot.

My journal page.
Luc was testing out his new brushes and water color palette. He did a grand job for his journal as well.
Our last night out was a necessary visit to the Philippine Night Market in the heart of town.

Vibrant colors,noise and the pungent aroma of food wafting through the air.
A bit too humid and smoky to sketch as we've unwisely pitched ourselves amidst chaos amongst the nearby open air food stalls. But we eventually got some good art out.

Even found some time to sketch some more while killing time at the airport.

Arriving back safely to KL, a quick dinner with some pals in the heart of town and had to introduce Luc to our most recognizable landmark before bidding adieu and an early flight back to HK the next morning.

All photos of the trip can be viewed in my Flickr page here :

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