Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Claude & Chunkie and 850 Meters

Something I've been putting off for the longest time ever,since Febuary last year in fact. It always takes a purpose and a deadline for me to start hauling arse to get these new panels up and running. Here's a quickie teaser of what's in store for the new adventures of our fatefully paired duo. Hope you folks will like it. *fingerscrossed*

And now,something gobsmackingly funny by Thuristar & Lunanime called 850 Meters. A teaser first introduced to me by my bro quite some time back. Can't believe I haven't shared it yet! Well here it is folks! Enjoy!

Excerpts info taken from their YouTube link :

"850 METERS is an "after hours" project, a 10-minute animated comedy short currently in production, produced by THURISTAR and Lunanime, with the support of the VAF.

The film tells the QUEST of a FAME-AND-FORTUNE-hungry, wannabe hero, in a not-so-fairy tale!

850 METERS will be completed in 2011. As we move forward with the production of the short, THURISTAR is also producing a 'making-of' of the film. The idea is to follow the work of our small team 'behind the scenes', through monthly 2-minute episodes, each of them featuring a different production step.
Mostly Belgian, but also French, American, Norwegian and from Luxemburg, the 850 METERS team is working between London, Paris, Valence, Albuquerque, Kortrijk and Ghent, for a few months of 'after hours' production."

Created and directed by Joeri Christiaen
Music by Frederik Segers
Written by Joeri Christiaen and Perrine Gauthier
Developed with Karim Rhellam
Creative Producer: Perrine Gauthier
Executive Producer: Annemie Degryse
With the participation of PMG Worldwide (messiahStudio), Grid vfx and Temple of Tune
With the support of the Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF)

With the AMAZING work of:
Vegard Myklebust, Technical Director
Michael Mahy, Character Animator
Olivier Thill, Modeler and Z-brush artist
Maud Chalmel, Graphic Artist

Making-of by Antoine Kerninon & Perrine Gauthier

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